Happy Wheels guide and tips

Happy Wheels is one of the popular arcade game developed by Jim Bonacci. The game is simple and fun with a goal being to get the character to the finish line or activate trigger to complete the level. There are lots of levels with a unique and surprising twist to all of them.

Happy Wheels guide and tipsGAME PLAY:

There are variety of different levels where you play the role of inadequately prepared racer, trying for a victory while ignoring the consequences and dangerous obstacles such as spikes, landmines, gaint spiders, and wrecking ball during the game play.

The players can ride a vehicle of their choice. The full version of the game offers no restrictions to the driving track and characters. The characters in game are rag dolls and can die easily. Every time when an obstacle hits, the text is promoted to perform a certain keyboard function in order to move on. Same rules apply to second version of the game, just so you know.


Control of the game are relatively easy and mainly depends on primary control keys. These include four arrows, the shift bar, space bar, control key and letter Z. The space bar is for special abilities, left key to move backward or left, the right key to move right or go over, up and down keys are to move ahead and backward. Control and shift key are to move legs and arms.
On iOS apps the game can be controlled by using on screen buttons. Additional details can be found here.


Players can play almost any level right from the beginning, however it’s still smartest to start at easier levels. Go in order and difficult levels will seem easier while you come up to them.

Always take it slow, when starting a new level, hitting an obstacle too fast will kill you in a blood soaked manner.

imagehappyFor iOS devices change the max particles setting if game is slowing down. A low max particle setting reduces the blood spatter while the higher max particles will increase the blood spatter.


Get the best experience out of playing Return Man zombies

Get the best experience out of playing Return Man zombiesOverview

Return Man zombies is becoming the favorite game for most people. This American football game has one of the simplest rules, score a touchdown by getting the ball and avoiding the zombies. In the game, the zombies are usually furious and want the ball as well and may kill you if you do not find a way to avoid them. Return Man zombies requires the players to run fast to avoid the zombies. For easy success, players need to be aware of the different power-ups without which it is almost impossible to complete the challenge. The biggest trick in Return Man zombies is the way the zombies are running which becomes difficult to determine the direction they are running.


The controls are similar in most versions of the game:

  • Run backward by pressing K
  • Run forward by pressing I
  • Run right by pressing L
  • Run left by pressing J
  • To continue the game between stages, press the spacebar
  • To mute the sound effects in the game, press M

These are not the only controls that players need to be aware of since as the game progresses, particular moves are unlocked that require more controls. For instance, after the second stage a special move will allow the player to smash the skulls of the zombies and give you more time to run. There is also the Afterburner and Zombie Twist special moves in Return Man zombies. All these steps require the player to be aware of the special controls that are needed to utilize them.

rmanzombiesLevels and Stages

There are ten stages in Return Man zombies just like in Returnman 8. The number of levels varies with the stage since each stage has a different number of levels. For instance, the first stage has two levels while the second stage has three levels. At the start of the game, all the stages are locked apart from the first stage. Players are required to complete one level to unlock the next.


It is not recommended to rely entirely on the “How to Play” section to help you finish the stages successfully. Most of the times players will be required to use personal tricks in Return Man zombies to find your way past the zombies. The fun of the game is being smarter than the zombies and evading them as much as possible. It is entirely the role of the player to make their way to the end to complete the task.


The Impossible Quiz Review – Everything You Need to Know

The Impossible Quiz is an addictive game that is made up of seemingly random and pointless questions that tests your capacity to think outside the box. Gamers have three lives to answer the questions and lose one whenever they answer a question incorrectly. You attempt to answer as many questions as possible before you lose the three lives.

the impossible quiz
The Impossible Quiz Review Overview:
The Impossible Quiz is a fun game for anyone who loves strange and peculiar ways of solving problems. It is not suitable for players who think that puzzles are meant to be solved logically. The game is designed by gamers older than 13 years, as the questions included are designed for a mature audience. In addition, certain questions might not make any sense to younger players, as the game requires a high level of imagination to progress to the next level.
When it comes to features, Impossible Quiz is a series of odd and random questions with different answers based on the meanings you derive from the words. Some of the questions have multiple choices, but there are also some other iPhone-specific tasks and questions included.
Stats are recorded depending on the number of times you play and how far you go. For about ten questions, you’ll achieve a “skip” for the some of the particularly impossible questions.
The Impossible Quiz Controls:
To play this game, all you need to do is to use your mouse. The most important thing is to think before clicking your mouse because the obvious might not provide the correct answer at all times. This game is not as simple as it seems to be!

Q 19
The Impossible Quiz Instructions:
The Impossible quiz is played with a lot of imagination. The answers may look odd, but there are some reasons why the correct answer might not be the way you think it should be. The game will often try to trick you into clicking the wrong answer. For example, the answers might be placed in a group with a certain number for each reply. However, the correct answer might not be in that group and will actually be somewhere else on the screen.

Solitaire Game Rules

Solitaire Rules

The different piles

There are four various types of piles played in Solitaire. They’re:

  • The Stock: The piles of facedown cards mainly in the left upper corner.
  • The Waste: The face-up pile next to a Stock in the left upper corner.
  • The Foundations: The main four piles normally in the right upper corner.
  • The Tableau: The other seven piles which make up the game’s main table.

Solitaire Game RulesThe setup

The Tableau piles normally are numbered from digits 1 to 7, first pile has 1 card, second pile has 2 cards as the trend goes on. The top card placed on each Tableau is turned face well up, the cards remaining below are also turned but face down. The cards which are left after this set up Tableau are carefully placed in that Stock, face down as per the game rules. The Waste and Foundations begin off empty.

The objective

To win Solitaire, one must get all cards onto the main Foundation piles. These are ordered by rank and suit, each Foundation has a single suit and one must put their cards onto them orderly Ace 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Jack then Queen and finally King. To get here, one can use the below described moves.

Solitaire PC gameAllowed moves

  • Flip cards from available Stock onto the left Waste. You can flip 1 or 3 cards onto the Waste from the stock. The number may be configured easily in Options.
  • Move a card cleverly from the Waste available onto the Foundations. In case the top card in the Waste can be played onto one of the available Foundations then you may drag it there.
  • Move any card from the remaining Waste onto Tableau. You may move the top most card of your Waste onto any of the piles of Tableau.
  • Move any card from the Foundation back quickly onto the Tableau. One can move the set top card of his Foundation back to Tableau. This isn’t allowed always in Solitaire versions.
  • You can flip any face down card of Tableau. If you’ve moved any face up card initially from Tableau piles so now top cards face down, then you could click a face down card then it will be shown face up.

Time and Moves

The game counts all moves you make, as well as measures the time total it takes to end the game, so one can compete against their previous best games easily if they want. Currently there’s no scoring like seen in the Windows’ Solitaire feature.


3D Rugby Experience

3D Rugby Experience Are you a rugby fan? If your answer is ‘YES’, then you are in the right place.The game allows you to have the 1st class experience in the game of rugby. all the action, drama and excitement. The game allows you to include your game in the list of the Rugby players in the field to make you feel ‘at home’. The more you win the more you climb the ladder of stardom; ‘Pro’ for professional is the limit. This is the level you Ought to be in. Don’t miss all the excitement.

Your target is to score a ‘try’ and get a chance to ‘convert’. Make sure you evade your opponents as much as you can and involve your team mates in the game as much as possible to increase your chances to score a ‘try’. When moving towards scoring a ‘try’ ensure that you move as close as possible towards the ‘H’ poles so as to make things easier for you to convert successfully.
Make sure you win the amateur level to get to the intermediary level, and win the intermediary level to get to the expert level. Finally and most interesting, win the expert level to get to the Pro level.
Each new level brings about new super cool attire for you and your team and also opens a new location.

Points to be awarded
1. A try – 5 points
2. A successful convert – 3 points

5 – Kick the ball to convert / perform a jump to catch the ball during a line up / pass the ball.
4 – Move to the Left.
6- Move to the right.

Right Keypad – Move the ball to the right during a Scramble.
Left Keypad – Move the ball to the right during a scramble.
1 – Move diagonally to the top – left.
3 – Move diagonally to the top – right.
7 – Move diagonally to the bottom – left.
9 – Move diagonally to the bottom – right.