The thrill and fun of playing super smash flash 2 game

Games are a good way of keeping your brain active while relaxing the body. One of such games is the super smash flash 2 unblocked version – This is a game that affords you with the choice of being any one of twenty-four characters that you will not help but fall in love with.

The thrill and fun of playing super smash flash 2 gameIt is a cross brawler game that will keep you entertained till the end of your play. It is a game that you cannot resist playing till the end once you have started playing. The characters are cool in nature and they range from classic arcade character games to the popular anime and cartoon characters. The game is usually played by two (2) players.

The instructions of the Game
This is a very interesting game that will keep you asking for more. You start the game by first choosing the character (out of the 24 characters available at your disposal) that you want to play with. The character you intend to play with is chosen by you getting points over the character. The points are scored in blue and red colors. All you need to do in the game is to play against your enemy by simply resisting its attack on the character that you have chosen. The aim of your playing this game is to be able to resist all the enemies that will want to attack and destroy the character of your choice.

The controls of the Game
The game is played with some control keys and each of the two players has their control keys which are slightly different.
Player 1: the control keys of the first player is the WASD keys that help the player in moving from one place to the other during the game session, the U key helps the player to grab; the I key acts as a shield, the O key is the key designed to be used as the first weapon of attack while the P key is designed as the second weapon of attack and the 1 key is the key that can be used for taunting.
Player 2: the control keys for the second player is the WASD which is also for movement just like the key for the first player, key 5 is for grabbing, key 1 is for shield, key 2 is designed as the first weapon of attack, key 3 is designed as the second weapon of attack while key 4 is for taunting your enemy.

select your characterIf for any reason you need to leave the playing of the game for something else, the 0 key is for Pause while the double space key is designed to be used in starting the battle.
There are many fun ways of combining the playing of the game and this is what makes the game more interesting.

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Get the best experience out of playing Return Man zombies

Get the best experience out of playing Return Man zombiesOverview

Return Man zombies is becoming the favorite game for most people. This American football game has one of the simplest rules, score a touchdown by getting the ball and avoiding the zombies. In the game, the zombies are usually furious and want the ball as well and may kill you if you do not find a way to avoid them. Return Man zombies requires the players to run fast to avoid the zombies. For easy success, players need to be aware of the different power-ups without which it is almost impossible to complete the challenge. The biggest trick in Return Man zombies is the way the zombies are running which becomes difficult to determine the direction they are running.


The controls are similar in most versions of the game:

  • Run backward by pressing K
  • Run forward by pressing I
  • Run right by pressing L
  • Run left by pressing J
  • To continue the game between stages, press the spacebar
  • To mute the sound effects in the game, press M

These are not the only controls that players need to be aware of since as the game progresses, particular moves are unlocked that require more controls. For instance, after the second stage a special move will allow the player to smash the skulls of the zombies and give you more time to run. There is also the Afterburner and Zombie Twist special moves in Return Man zombies. All these steps require the player to be aware of the special controls that are needed to utilize them.

rmanzombiesLevels and Stages

There are ten stages in Return Man zombies just like in Returnman 8. The number of levels varies with the stage since each stage has a different number of levels. For instance, the first stage has two levels while the second stage has three levels. At the start of the game, all the stages are locked apart from the first stage. Players are required to complete one level to unlock the next.


It is not recommended to rely entirely on the “How to Play” section to help you finish the stages successfully. Most of the times players will be required to use personal tricks in Return Man zombies to find your way past the zombies. The fun of the game is being smarter than the zombies and evading them as much as possible. It is entirely the role of the player to make their way to the end to complete the task.