Free Rider 3 – Flash bike simulator

Even though free rider 3 is simple, it is a very enjoyable game to play. This is because you only need to know how to control the rider. The main challenge in this game is to make sure that your rider doesn’t flip over. This means balancing between your pedals and brakes.

To play the game, you will race a bike on tracks created by other riders. You will use your arrow keys to control your rider. You take an unstable bike through hand drawn levels, collect stars and use power-ups for the win.

free rider 3

The good thing about playing the game is that you can create your own stick figure and start to ride. Not only is the game fun and addictive, it is also educational. Teachers have discovered that creating tracks has a strong link to programming logic, it develops persistence, and it provides a fun environment to use basic science principles. As well if you like flash games you can try Electric Man 2 game for free.


What to expect in Return Man 6 Wideout

Return Man 6 is basically a flash based game of the renowned Return Man game’s collection created by ESPN. This game brings much amusement and excitement of NFL receivers to your screen. Your only game objective is avoiding getting caught up by defenders from the opposing team as you will be traversing across the field until you manage to reach the end line.


Game Instructions :

The game’s instructions are quite easy to understand and also follow which makes the game more enjoyable. Start off this game by clicking Play, read through the controls and instructions provided and finally hit Play.

Once the Return man 6 game begins, you’ll be provided with a route for running through which involves drags, fades, posts or hitches. The key goal for this is ensuring that you follow through this route and get to the yellow circles where you will wait for the ball. Before you get to this circle, you will be faced by the enemy defenders who have to be avoided as much as possible and then get to your target. The only successful way of safely navigating through them is by following a route which is laid with green dots. You should carefully follow the green dots (which represent the best path to reach the yellow circles). Ensure that you manage to catch the ball once you are there.

If you fail in catching the ball, there are still four more chances left. You should note that for every session, the player is given only 5 attempts for catching the ball.

Game controls :

Return Man 6 game uses the keyboard keys so as to control all the player’s actions while on the field. The controls include:
For Alphabetic key users:
• Use I key to run forwards.
• Use J key to run left.
• Use K key to run down the field.
• Use L key to run right.
• Catch the ball pass using the Spacebar.

For the Numeric key users:

use Number 8 to run forward.

Use number 6 to run to the right.

Use number 2 to run down the field.

Use number 4 to run towards the left.

For special player moves:
• Use A key so as to jump catch.
• Use the S key for after burner.
• Use D key so as to dive a catch.

Alternatively, you can also use the arrow keys to move down or up and right or left.

Return Man 6

Game Success Strategies :

As earlier mentioned, following the hints on the routes to get to the throw location within time will earn you bonus scores. Do not be quick in catching the ball, just time it well and then press on the catch key. This will guarantee a perfect catch.


Happy Wheels guide and tips

Happy Wheels is one of the popular arcade game developed by Jim Bonacci. The game is simple and fun with a goal being to get the character to the finish line or activate trigger to complete the level. There are lots of levels with a unique and surprising twist to all of them.

Happy Wheels guide and tipsGAME PLAY:

There are variety of different levels where you play the role of inadequately prepared racer, trying for a victory while ignoring the consequences and dangerous obstacles such as spikes, landmines, gaint spiders, and wrecking ball during the game play.

The players can ride a vehicle of their choice. The full version of the game offers no restrictions to the driving track and characters. The characters in game are rag dolls and can die easily. Every time when an obstacle hits, the text is promoted to perform a certain keyboard function in order to move on. Same rules apply to second version of the game, just so you know.


Control of the game are relatively easy and mainly depends on primary control keys. These include four arrows, the shift bar, space bar, control key and letter Z. The space bar is for special abilities, left key to move backward or left, the right key to move right or go over, up and down keys are to move ahead and backward. Control and shift key are to move legs and arms.
On iOS apps the game can be controlled by using on screen buttons. Additional details can be found here.


Players can play almost any level right from the beginning, however it’s still smartest to start at easier levels. Go in order and difficult levels will seem easier while you come up to them.

Always take it slow, when starting a new level, hitting an obstacle too fast will kill you in a blood soaked manner.

imagehappyFor iOS devices change the max particles setting if game is slowing down. A low max particle setting reduces the blood spatter while the higher max particles will increase the blood spatter.