Tank Trouble SWF: Extremely Addictive Tank Trouble Sequel

Tank Trouble SWF: Extremely Addictive Tank Trouble SequelINTRODUCTION AND BASIC GAMEPLAY:
Tank Trouble SWF, a highly addictive and extremely enjoyable sequel to the hit online 2D arcade Tank Trouble III is a tactical tank battle simulator game. In this game, which can be played both in single player and multiplayer modes, each player is provided with a tank which is capable of firing shells at other players. The game consists of different matches which take place in different kind of mazes, including mazes which are designed by players (if you choose it in the settings). You win matches when your foe gets hit by your shells, hence destroying their tanks. When you fire a shell, it does not really have to hit the opponent in a direct path, it can bounce through the maze walls and crash on your opponent or maybe yourself in its path. Yes, your shells can hit you too. So if you lose a moment of concentration, you might end up getting hit by your own projectile. There are also various boosts scattered around the mazes when approached, you will be given different kinds of shell launchers including but not limited to snipers, rocket launchers and bombs.

There are basically three modes in this game: 1 Player, 2 Player and 3 Player. The first mode and possibly the hardest is the 1 Player mode. In this mode, you will be playing against an NPC tank named after the first animal who traveled to space, Laika. Laika is a remarkably efficient tank. She fires rapidly and moves quite fast so you will have to focus equally. This mode will help you to prepare your skills for the other game modes. Playing this mode will help you to get higher win rates in multiplayer.In the 2 Player mode, you are able to compete with your friend on a single computer. In this mode, both of you will be given different keys to control your tank so that you will not need any other accessories for it.In the 3 Player mode, three people can play together on the same computer and everyone is also provided with different controls.

1 Player: In 1 Player mode, directional keys are used to travel through the maze and use M key is to shoot. 2 Player: In this mode, one player is given the same control as in 1 Player mode and the other is given E, S, D and F as keys to travel around and Q key to shoot projectiles. 3 Player: When in this mode, two of the players are given the same controls as the previous mode and the third player uses a mouse to travel around and left mouse button to shoot.

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